Discovering Lascaux

Façonnage : Broché | Auteur(s) : Brigitte Et Gilles Delluc (Ang.)

Lascaux is the most famous cave in the world. Early in the Magdalenian Era 17,000 years ago, prehistoric man chose it as a sanctuary. It was decorated with pictures of wild oxen, horses, bison, stags, mountain goats and a multitude of puzzling geometric signs, creating a breathtaking décor. By incredibly good fortune, most of the paintings and engravings survived intact until they were discovered on 12 September 1940. The photographs of the walls of the original cave included in this book were taken by Ray Delvert before the damage observed over the last few decades. « « Like Brigitte Delluc, Gilles Delluc has become a foremost prehistory expert, with extensive knowledge of the lifestyle and art of Cro-Magnon Man. » (Prof. Henry de Lumley) « Gilles and Brigitte Delluc deserve to have their names engraved or painted beside the works that they study. They have undertaken a vast amount of work. » (Prof. Yves Coppens) »

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  • Format 19 x 23 cm
  • Façonnage Broché
  • Pagination 80 p.
  • ISBN 9782817703848
  • Collection Éditions Sud Ouest


  • Brigitte et Gilles Delluc, hold Ph.D’s in prehistory, were members of the scientific team which studied and published works on the art and archaeology of the Lascaux cave under the leadership of Arlette and André Leroi-Gourhan. Their work, spanning a…

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