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Façonnage : Broché | Auteur(s) : Quitterie And Daniel Cazes

• Toulouse has always been the gateway to Southern France: the city takes the visitor into a world that is Mediterranean through its geographical position, climate and culture. Looking beyond its “Pink City” image, Toulouse was Palladian, in that it welcomed the arts, and holy with its dozens of churches, but it was also a commercial and hardworking city.

• From St. Sernin’s church to the Dominican monastery, from Les Augustins museum and art gallery to St. Stephen’s cathedral, from the Capitole to La Grave hospice, from the Assézat Mansion to that of the “Old Grape”, brick and stone are subtly combined to give Toulouse its unique colour.

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Fiche technique

  • Format 19 x 23 cm
  • Façonnage Broché
  • Pagination 80
  • ISBN 978-2-8177-0588-0
  • Collection Éditions Sud Ouest


  • Quitterie Cazes lectures in the history of mediaeval art at the University of Toulouse 2-Jean-Jaurès. Daniel Cazes is Curator Emeritus at the Saint-Raymond Museum, the Antiquities Museum in Toulouse, and St. Sernin’s basilica church. Both were born in Toulouse…

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