The cookery of South-West France

Façonnage : Broché | Auteur(s) : Stéphanie Beraud-Sudreau

South-West France has a lifestyle unlike any other in France and its reputation has spread far beyond our borders. Meals in our region are copious, mouthwatering and convivial because they are made with produce from an area of particularly diverse countryside. In this wonderful book, you’ll find the recipes for preserved duck, foie gras, wood pigeon ragout, Bordeaux-style steak, Basque pepper stew, porcini mushrooms, Bordeaux’ famous canelé cakes and much, much more, presented in a style that is clear and easy to follow. If necessary, the recipes have been altered slightly to take account of today’s changes in taste by a young cook and mother who loves inviting large numbers of guests for meals, serving food that is simple but full of taste. Of course, the excellence of the wines from Bordeaux and South-West France also play a large part in ensuring that meals are convivial…

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  • Format 19 x 26 cm
  • Façonnage Broché
  • Pagination 64 p.
  • ISBN 9782817703343
  • Collection Éditions Sud Ouest


  • Stéphanie Béraud-Sudreau est journaliste. Issue d’une famille dans laquelle les plaisirs de la table sont très appréciés, elle hérite de sa grand-mère et de sa mère l’art et la manière de cuisiner en toutes circonstances de façon simple et…

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