Visiting La Rochelle

Façonnage : Piqué métal | Auteur(s) : Louis Desgraves

The town of La Rochelle, the gateway to the Atlantic Ocean, was founded in the early 12th century. It very quickly acquired rights as an independant borough and, despite the struggle between the crowns of France and England, occupied a leading position in maritime trade with England, Flanders and Holland, carrying salt and wine across seas often fraught with dangers. From 1563 to the siege of 1627-1628, the town was a major centre of the Protestant religion. Later, in the 18th century, it was involved in trade with the colonies, becoming a source of funding, supplies and armaments. Thanks to the enhancement of its picturesque streets and old buildings, the opening of the yachting marina at Les Minimes and the establishment of the fishing harbour in La Palice, La Rochelle is a town that is ideal as a place for a gentle stroll. So, why not take up Louis Desgraves’ invitation and do just that ?

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  • Format 19 x 26 cm
  • Façonnage Piqué métal
  • Pagination 32 p.
  • ISBN 9782879017365
  • Collection Éditions Sud Ouest


  • Louis DESGRAVES, ancien inspecteur général des bibliothèques, est originaire de l’île d’Oléron. Spécialiste incontesté de Montesquieu, il lui a consacré de très nombreux ouvrages et articles. C’était aussi un très grand connaisseur de l’histoire du livre.

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