Visiting Saint-Émilion

Façonnage : Piqué métal | Auteur(s) : Antoine Lebègue (Ang)

Saint-Émilion is not just world-famous for its wines ; it is also a town steeped in history. In fact, its old buildings have won it inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage list and you can find out all about its heritage in this book. It will take you through its narrow streets, past the historic monuments dotted across the town and into the underground world beneath it, including the largest monolithic church in Europe. This is more than a guide ; it is an initiation, taking you deep into some of the mysteries that make Saint-Emilion a place full of riddles and enigmas. Just what was the King’s Tower or the amazing Cardinal Palace built astride the town walls ? Who built the monolithic church ? What does the dragon on a low relief in the church represent ? What is the « Jurade » ? The book will also lead you into the vineyards to discover the most famous of Saint-Emilion’s wines. With a brief history of the town and vineyards illustrated by numerous photographs, several of them panoramic views, this will be your guide during your visit and a souvenir of your trip to the town.

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  • Format 19 x 26 cm
  • Façonnage Piqué métal
  • Pagination 32 p.
  • ISBN 9782817700243
  • Collection Éditions Sud Ouest


  • Antoine Lebègue is a historian who has written or directed many books on the Pyrenees and South-Western France, including the Midi-Pyrénées and Aquitaine Blue Guides (published by Hachette).

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